Deepening our Relationships by Letting People Know Us

Yesterday, I had a conversation with friends about how we become known inside our relationships. Where and with whom can we be truly ourselves? How much do we share? What parts of ourselves do we keep hidden? Loneliness and social isolation pose serious health risks....

A Conversation about I and Thou

Remember the last time you worked a concession stand? You wore your team’s t-shirt and took money and gave out candy bars? Remember how odd it felt when people handed you their dollar bills without any eye contact? Like you’re the generic...

How Can EMDR Therapy Heal Disconnection?

Read this if you feel isolated or anxious. You are not alone. It’s still true . . . Disconnection feels like I’m drowning. But when I give myself plenty of care (EMDR therapy, exercise, sleep, meditation, music), extraordinary allies pop into my life from...
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