Creative Coaching Services

As you may already know, I love to rearrange the furniture . . .

I provide creative coaching for individuals and small business owners who want to clear clutter and re-create a space that inspires. Some of my coaching clients need a way to make a more inviting room in their office or house – but they sometimes need to use existing furnishings or keep design costs to a minimum. Often, they just need a creative boost to get going on ideas they already have.

My coaching includes a free discovery session to assess your goals for the space, whether it’s your office or your living room. From there, we put together a package of hands-on services to get your creative juices flowing. You may want help letting go of items that clutter the space and restrict your comfort and flow. Together, we’ll decide if Performance EMDR or other approaches could help you move in that direction. Or, perhaps you need to reimagine your room and find a cost-effective way to bring more joy and artistry to the environment. We can put together a plan for sparking your imagination to restyle the space so that you and your clients get the most energy and inspiration from being there.

Remember, your space sets the stage for the kind of inspired work and play that happen there.


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