How Can EMDR Therapy Heal Disconnection?

Jun 6, 2015 | EMDR, Mood

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Read this if you feel isolated or anxious.

You are not alone.

It’s still true . . .

Disconnection feels like I’m drowning. But when I give myself plenty of care (EMDR therapy, exercise, sleep, meditation, music), extraordinary allies pop into my life from out of nowhere. These allies teach me. I trust their hearts.

I keep meeting new people who teach me . . .

  1. That I am not alone. I never know who I will meet next.
  2. That I am surrounded by love and beauty. Good, healing people are everywhere.
  3. That new learning and adventures await me, just over the horizon.

We are not alone.

In today’s political atmosphere, you may not trust people. You may feel surrounded by disconnection and hostility.

I’ve been through dark passages of disconnection. Drivers were rude. Restaurant staff seemed unfriendly. Parents treated their children like pests. Friends felt like former friends. No one, not family, not helping professionals, not neighbors, not childhood acquaintances felt safe or helpful or even civil.

In Relational Cultural Theory, this is Condemned Isolation.

Condemned Isolation feels like you have no friends, no allies, no one to whom you can turn. Condemned Isolation feels like you are flawed or unlovable – that no one can understand you.

If you feel any of this, help is a click away. Try on these ideas and call me if you’d like to discuss them.

  1. First, know that you’re not alone. Whether or not you subscribe to a faith tradition, you belong to something larger than yourself . . . something good.
  2. Recovery heals the part of you that receives and registers love. Good trauma therapy helps you draw safer, healthier, wiser people into your life.
  3. EMDR opens a spiritual awareness that reconnects you to all things beautiful and true.
  4. We heal . . . in spite of ourselves. You don’t need to try very hard. Just think about love and let your beautiful, complex brain/body do the rest.

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