How Getting Grounded Makes you Smarter

I believe you. I think it’s important for you to know that. When someone’s taking you seriously, you stay more awake to your observations. Sometimes we knock down the disturbing ones, like a kid playing Whack-a-Mole. We fear a dawning realization. We don’t...

“I’m not creative.” 17 Signs of Artistic Abuse

Artistic Abuse What is artistic abuse? Creative expression heals. Everyone has an inner artist. When we nurture the inner artist, we heal. Artistic Abuse (or Neglect) is communication (direct or indirect) that discourages, shames, or minimizes a person’s creative...

Stuck at the Pageant: Why we have trouble with Hillary

I just realized I’ve been duped again by Internalized Sexism. I thought I was well past this. But I bought in, unconsciously, to the sliming of an important woman. When I look at her record of public service, I find no question or doubt. Hillary Clinton is the most...
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