Religious Trauma into Soul Healing: Part VIII, Disobedience and Love

Jan 1, 2019 | Anxiety & Calm, Becoming More of Your True Self, Feel Better, Mood

How do we transform religious trauma into soul healing? I saved the most important answer for last.

Disobedience = Love

Are you confused? Disobedience and Love go hand in hand, are often the same thing, and both have the effect of healing spiritual trauma.

How do you act out?

  • Get a tattoo?
  • Say NO?
  • Skip church and meditate on a hillside?
  • Tell the truth?
  • Give away your family heirlooms?
  • Quit your boring job?
  • Take singing lessons?
  • Refuse to do what your mother wants you to do?
  • Stop buying Christmas presents and give eye contact instead?
  • Send a big donation to benefit hungry families or homeless youth . . . instead of whatever you were going to do with that money?

Disobedience means thinking and feeling for yourself. It means trusting your internal guidance to show you the way.

Love means being more and more true to yourself. More and more honest. More and more you. Love means you being in alignment with your inner being, the part of you that is Divine.

A New Year for Healing Spiritual Trauma

My new year’s resolution: Continue recovery, healing, and listening to my inner self. Love myself more, so I can truly be there for others. Trust my emotions. Let them guide me toward what’s best for all concerned, no matter what anyone may think of me.

Both disobedience and love bring healing, clarity, and growth in a chain of micro-events happening at the level of the soul. When we refuse to follow the rules that aren’t good for us, we throw fear out the window. We make room for more love and abundant well-being.   

Throw out the fear. Let in the love. 


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