You were meant to create.

Coaching Services for Therapists

Dr. Cox’s coaching services emphasize Artistic Professional Growth (APG) for therapists and other helping professionals. APG draws out your original motivations and creativity for doing the work you do and helps you refocus on your uniqueness in the world. APG coaching is customized to specific client needs, and may include: strategic visioning, creativity exercises, environment (e.g., office, studio) planning, performance EMDR, Tapping (EFT), meditation, art methods, and other (e.g., physical movement) services as needed. All elements chosen for a client’s APG aim you in the direction of your ideal practice, focus on your unique strengths, and plan for your unique needs as a therapist/helper.

You were meant to enjoy.

Environment Coaching Services

Environment coaching focuses on restoring a space in your home or workplace by:

  • Clearing clutter
  • Organizing the space, and
  • Creating an artful environment that helps you do what you most want to do in that space

Often, clients desire to repair relationships and restore order to their home space. Therefore, environment coaching sessions can alternate with therapy sessions.

Many people forget that their outer environment not only demonstrates their inner life but also reinforces it. When you live or work in a beautiful, organized space, you feel better, think more clearly, and become more productive. Couples and families who design spaces together create a tangible place of beauty, a functional work of art, that decreases stress and promotes reconnection in their relationships.

Fee per one-hour (55-70 minute) session: $195.00

*Please inquire about telehealth services for therapy and coaching


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