Build a Culture of Creative Inspiration: Your Office Space Matters

Dec 2, 2019 | Aesthetics, Artistic Healing, Coaching For the Therapist, Create Art, following inspiration, Rooms, Therapy

Inspired Space

Therapists, you know how important your workspace is to your mood. Your office affects you on every level because you’re there A LOT. Your office also shapes the work you do with clients and sets the tone for inspiration – or boredom, dullness, and discouragement. Creativity + Energy = Good Therapy

If you want your clients to be more creative and feel more energized, show them what it feels like to inhabit a creative space that nurtures their ideas (and yours).

Studies of workplace environment consistently show that your space matters. If its dirty, dark, cluttered, or dull, this communicates to your staff and clients:

“We’re pretty overwhelmed and discouraged here.”

“We don’t take time for self-care.”

“We’re not all that aware of our surroundings.”

And my guess is you probably want to convey the exact opposite . . . “I’m a powerful agent of change.”

If your office looks thoughtfully arranged, artful, sparkling clean, and has comfy furnishings, you say to everyone who enters, “I’m here to inspire a better life for you.”

Contact me if you’d like to learn more, or join an online creative therapist support group. I believe the best therapy comes from inspiration.

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