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Deborah Cox Psychologist, Therapist Creative SupportWe pour ourselves daily into helping others, and we feel good about that. But sooner or later, we experience burnout: stress and fatigue that hangs on, boredom or confusion in how we work, mental blocks, and a feeling of failure. Burnout also limits our earning potential and spreads, invisibly, to our clients and families.

Doing good therapy demands:

  • lots of energy,
  • mental, physical, and spiritual focus, &
  • lavish self-care during our downtime.

Doing great therapy requires something you may not have considered:


Art therapists know . . . when clients engage in creativity of any kind, they heal: depression lifts, the body calms, ideas flourish, relationships mend. Therapists need this same medicine. We need art, beauty, inviting spaces that are clear of clutter. We need music and dancing and color. We also need to tap into our own art forms (which we all have, no matter what we were told in grade school).

I’ve been working on this kind of therapist medicine for 25 years.

My SPARK program offers options for therapists who want to reverse burnout and build dream practice. We can also create a custom SPARK, just for you.


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