Beauty: The Solution to Therapist Burnout

Beauty is everywhere you look. But most therapists have been trained away from it. We got trained to look at problems. Problems=the un-beauty. This formula leads straight to burnout.

Looking at problems served us pretty well . . . until it didn’t. The more we learned about how to solve problems, the more we became stressed, tired, and stuck in our work . . . the very specialized work we trained so long and hard to do.

If you’re a mental health professional, you know what I mean. People come to us with their problems and their pain. Our job is to help decrease suffering. But how do we keep doing that job day after day, year after year, when we feel stuck, depleted, and burned out.

Therapy for the Therapist

Some therapists I know actually need good therapy themselves, just to keep going . . . but they can’t afford it. They work hard every day to address the suffering of others but they suffer privately from deepening despair and don’t make enough money to pay for the very services they provide to their clients.

Something is wrong with this picture.

Something is MISSING from it. I believe that something is BEAUTY. Beauty energizes, restores, and illuminates possibility – all the elements our clients seek in therapy. Beauty also feeds the soul of the helper and creates a zone of mutual empowerment where we do our work.


Julia Cameron said: Creativity is the natural order of life.

If you’re an art therapist or a music therapist, you know that art saves lives. Self expression heals deeply. But if you’re not regularly painting or singing or sculpting, you may have forgotten this.


Your kindergarten self knows. Beauty, art, humor, and music are what make life FUN.

Your adult, professional self had to turn away from this to study serious problems for a while. The little kid in you knows . . . it’s time to turn back to the beauty.

You need it.

         Your clients need it.

You and your clients need creative expression like you need air. It’s time to ReConceive Your Space.

I help therapists become more of who they intended to be in this world. And I start with their workspace. If you’re spending your days and weeks in an office, you need that space to nourish you with color, light, texture, scent, and sound.

When you create this nurturing space, everything changes.


Let me show you how.

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