I’m Thankful for You.

Nov 23, 2015 | Becoming More of Your True Self, Connect, Mood, Relationships, Therapy


Profusion Purple from Flowers Reborn, Deborah Cox, 2015

Every time I see you, I say a little prayer of thanks that you’re in my life. You help me more than you know.

I’m thankful…..

…..for the new ideas you bring to me.

…..for your smiling eyes that greet me even though your heart is full of pain.

…..for your honesty that inspires me to take risks with my heart, admit things I’m afraid to know about myself.

…..for your advice about plants and plumbing and paint (the Ace Hardware guy).

…..for your trust in our relationship, which feels sacred.

…..for your helping me pay my bills (My clients allow me to take care of my family and keep the office doors open.).

…..for the fresh green salad you make me (the Sub Shop people).

…..for your creative mind and your good heart.

…..for how you tell me about the books you’re reading and the movies I should see.

…..for how you help me exercise and laugh (The Body Smith staff).

…..for all the free nitrogen for my tires (Mitchum Tires).

…..for your positive presence in our community.

…..for your friendship and care.

…..for the fact that you want to be your best, healthiest self.


Gratitude improves mood and fuels hope. Regular practice of gratitude feeds positive information into our nervous systems and retrains our brains with new routes for information processing. During EMDR therapy, gratitude unfolds naturally like purple pom-pom flowers…..Which makes me think it’s a natural part of us that sometimes becomes blocked by stress but waits there inside, ready to be tapped.

I’m so glad you’re alive!

Call me to find out how gratitude can help you heal from trauma.




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