We need connection like we need air.

An exploding body of research confirms what many of us already sensed . . . that loneliness and social ostracism set us up for every kind of illness. But close, supportive relationships buffer us from stress and make us more creative, more hopeful for the future.

Being understood is more than just a luxury . . . it’s a matter of life and death. But, to some degree, we all sabotage the very medicine we need by creating plastic bubbles around ourselves. We touch our loved ones through the film – “protect” ourselves from the contamination of hurt and rejection we so fear.

Why do we work against ourselves like this? Because we remember times when we were rejected, judged, criticized, and left out – and nobody wants to repeat that kind of experience.

Sadly, straining out the potential for loss also robs us of:

*the close-up, familiar, known feeling we crave with our partners

*the cameraderie we need in our friendships

*the secure attachment relationships our children need with us

I want to talk with you about relationship, health, and joy.  That’s what this collection is all about. Couples helping each other heal inside a long-term partnership. Mothers and daughters reworking their connection so it’s more honest and less judgmental. How to talk and listen to people who matter to you. How to bring more of yourself into satisfying emotional connection with friends and lovers . . . even if you’re scared. Please keep reading and let me hear from you.

Let’s talk about connection.

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