Art as Therapy

We need to make stuff.

Do you notice that you feel better when you’re in an artistic project? Or when you sing in the car? The most important thing I’ve learned in 25 years of therapy practice? When people engage their creativity, they start feeling better.

I use art methods as an adjunct to regular EMDR therapy. Art therapy can be many things, but I usually start with paper and paint. Sometimes my clients already know their medium, so they bring it with them: a sketchbook, or sewing project, a guitar . . . Anything will work.

In fact, one of the first things I find out about my new clients is their art form. What is your art form? We all have one. Even if you’ve never had music lessons, your art form may be music. And even if you’ve been told you’re not creative, you may have a painter inside you. Lots of people tell me they can’t write, but then put pen to paper and create delicious poetry.

Let’s nurture your inner artist. We’ll start slow and watch how it speeds your therapy.


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