• Psychology Services

    Psychology Services
    A psychologist in private practice, I specialize in EMDR therapy for anxiety, trauma recovery, depression, and relationship repair. I help bright people become more of who they were meant to be by tapping into their hidden strengths and creativity. My new office is located inside The Bodysmith, on historic Walnut Street in downtown Springfield. Read more about my practice and how I offer a safe environment for effective relationship therapy, couples therapy, marriage counseling, trauma therapy and EMDR therapy.

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  • Books

    My new novel, Wife Material, tells a semi-autobiographical story of growing up fundamentalist. In Wife Material, Elizabeth Campbell escapes her abusive Christian upbringing through a series of rebellions and finds true love.

    I co-authored two books on women’s anger, including The Anger Advantage (Broadway, 2003). Check out my books.
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  • Blog

    I write about things that matter to me and my clients: relationships, health, creativity, and spirituality. I focus on healing from trauma with EMDR and creative self expression. Read about how to feel better and live more fully.

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