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Hello . . . I’m Deborah Cox, psychologist, writer, EMDR therapist, and artist. I work with bright people to help them become more of who they were meant to be.

I love the symphony, the cathedral choir, boy humor, my cats, and the roar of cicadas in the Texas summertime. I also love to write and make multimedia collage. My philosophy: relational justice.

For the past decade, I’ve written about growing up in the Church of Christ, a fundamentalist Christian sect, concentrated in the Southern United States, that silences women. I write about anger, religious abuse, art for healing, and trauma recovery. My new novel, Wife Material, is a semi-autobiographical portrait of all these things.

My psychological research on women’s anger appears in numerous media outlets, such as Salon.com, Reuters Health, and Cosmopolitan – and I co-authored The Anger Advantage (Broadway), a smart self-help guide to women’s emotional empowerment.

I live and practice in Springfield, Missouri, where I own Integrative Family Psychology.

My office is located at  Beyond Studio, 400 South Avenue, Suite 200 Springfield, MO

At Beyond Studio, my friends and I provide a therapeutic art space and combine healing methods like EMDR, body work, tapping, movement, and Reiki.

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