Wife Material

The Cover of Deborah L Cox's Book - Wife Material

Wife Material blends religious abuse and sexual repression in a coming-of-age story about the modern Church of Christ denomination.

The author grew up in the flagship Church of Christ college community, Harding University, in the heartland of the Protestant Restoration movement.

Wife Material tells the story of Elizabeth Campbell, raised in a similar place and time. Elizabeth’s parents are violinists. Her father seems gay. Their church disallows musical instruments and homosexuality. Lizzie succumbs to the twisted violence in her family and the pressure for early marriage at Waltham University, where suicides abound. Then, she escapes fundamentalism through a series of liberating sins.

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Moving from Religious Trauma into Soul Healing, Part IV: Diverse Friendships

Friends Who are Different and a Little Bit Scary Make Us Grow Unexpected friendship teaches us, like nothing else. When I arrived at Texas Woman’s University in 1990, I found myself immersed in growth and diversity. I suddenly had gay and lesbian friends, after growing up in a culture that forbid same-sex relationships. (They existed, but underground). I had Jewish friends and Muslim friends and atheist friends – and these people were so very generous, kind, and knowledgeable. They

Moving from Religious Trauma into Soul Healing, Part III: Beauty

Never lose an opportunity of seeing something beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting.      -Ralph Waldo Emerson   Beauty is the basis of my spiritual discovery process. I found the Anglican church on a trip to England, back in ’07, a time of big transition. My then six-year-old and I visited St. Martin in the Field and read the names of long-ago ancestors on placards in the narthex. We toured medieval graveyards. We toured Ely Cathedral, with origins

Moving from Religious Trauma into Soul Healing, Part II: Meditation

  What is Meditation? Meditation trains our minds to focus on the present moment, to be aware of our thoughts and feelings, and to observe our whole experience in a mindful way. It’s any practice that fosters mindfulness. I’ve practiced daily meditation for the last year and a half, and it’s changed me. In fact, I hardly know where to begin describing how it’s opened my awareness and allowed me to know more who I really am. Meditation calms me

Moving from Religious Trauma into Soul Healing, Part I

How do we turn religious trauma into deep emotional healing? Religious trauma happens most often in movements that are fundamentalist in nature – or, “Strong Religion.” In my practice, I see adults who grew up scared of sinning and going to hell or disappointing God or being shunned for some infraction or bad thought. I call this early spiritual abuse and it affects every part of life . . . especially our relationships. If you were raised in a